CARDEA Jewelry

Kristen Scott is the woman behind CARDEA Jewelry. She is native Seattleite with a background in architecture. In addition to jewelry, she is also a talented painter.

Kristen uses mainly silver and enamel in her jewelry. What I love about Kristen's pieces is they have something a bit raw to them, yet the enamel gives vibrant color and contrast. They hang well on the body and have a lot of movement.

In her own words:

"In jewelry design, the memory of a particular place--whether natural or manmade--has become my focus. I’m inspired by what I see in the world creating pieces that evoke the shadow pattern of leaves in a tree, or the spray from the waves at the beach or the feeling of fog on a city street. My pieces are rustic in nature; they have patina made through layers of texture and color, just as the world is composed of change over time. I am motivated by the tactile beauty of handwork.

By engaging more of our senses, we form the strongest memories and attachments. I work with color and texture, shaping movement in my pieces to create ever-changing visual compositions that make soft sounds to evoke a memory. Their movement is engaging and results in a stronger connection with the wearer."